At DULCEDO Management, we won’t ask you to climb a rigid career ladder, but we will ask you to climb intellectual mountains.
We are Canada’s fastest growing talent & artist management firm, and notably one its most prestigious. We achieved this because of our vision and because of our team. At the core of our business we are managers for models, talents, artists and stars -there’s a sense of pride that comes from helping to build one of the most important parts of our clients’ lives, their careers. There’s definitely something special about DULCEDO -we hope you can contribute to that something special with us.



booking agent

On the front lines with clients and models, they make the deals happen

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You’ve got a passion for our industry? Think you’re born for this job? There’s more than meets the eye; this job requires maintaining and building a base of clients who are in constant need of models to showcase their products. Essentially, booking agents must manage the professional career of talents in a strategic way, assuring that they find castings that match their specific looks, while also meeting the requests of various clients. It goes without saying you’ll need a sharp eye for this job. A booking agent has to demonstrate reliability when it comes to spotting people with successful modeling potential and understanding what clients are looking for.

Basic Requirements:
Bachelor in marketing or communication or equivalent
Minimum of 2-5 years of experience in the fashion industry
A broad knowledge of fashion, models, photography or production
Relevant sales experience is a plus
Perfect Bilingual (English and French)
Good decision maker

As a model scout, it is your job to find them and introduce them to our world. Your eyes? Always open. Your taste? Impeccable. We see hundreds of people on a daily basis, which means you will constantly have to be on the lookout for prospects. Whether on the street or at the mall, you will have to have the charisma to approach and introduce yourself to Montreal’s most beautiful faces, a dream job for many. Confidence, charm and outgoingness are a must. The ideal candidate is also alert and reliable, with bilingualism being a valuable asset. Whether you’re already an established member of the fashion community or just looking to get started, we want you! Working as a Dulcedo scout is the perfect stepping stone to a wide variety of fashion industry careers, with networking opportunities aplenty.

model scout

Models aren’t born, they’re discovered.

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social media marketing internship

We are in the digital age. Instagram, facebook and snapchat is our religion.

For this position, you’ll need more than just a CV, show us your game -email

This internship is for a self-starter with a strong resume of hands-on experience in online and social media marketing. You will work directly with the Director of Dulcedo on an innovative new media project geared at the online market. We are looking for enthusiastic people with ideas, insight, and a clear understanding of how to implement their efforts and reach new markets to expand readership.
A thorough understanding of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and social networking and marketing tools is a MUST and some web design experience would be ideal. We are looking for someone who can contribute to take the Dulcedo brand to the next step by elevating our presence and viewership through their ideas and execution. You will be involved in marketing major projects to promote our Models, Influencers and Celebrities including a digital publication, an online t.v. channel, and a social network for our fans and followers.

This is a great opportunity to work in an exciting environment and gain hands on experience in various aspects of the modelling and fashion industry. All internships are unpaid, academic credit is available. We are looking for people who are detail oriented and have strong organizational skills. Interns will be coupled with a senior agent, and responsibilities will include helping out, putting together packages of pictures and resumes for casting directors, scouting, and upkeep of talent files, updating the talent roster, answering phones, corresponding with models and clients and general office work. Must be computer literate with good knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel and have the ability to do internet research. Fashion sense is of course a valuable asset.

management internship

We are constantly on the lookout for emerging leaders to join our team.

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