Vic Brocca became a world-known VIRAL Makeup Artist after her original "Diamond Skull" makeup-creation broke the internet amassing 20 MILLION+ views across all platforms in just 48 hours. Since then, her career as a
Beauty Influencer has grown at break-neck speed as she continues to climb the ladder to super-stardom.
Vic was chosen out of 100,000+ applicants to be an exclusive member of the cast on Kim Kardashian's new TV Series, GLAM MASTERS airing on Lifetime TV. Vic landed in the TOP 3, blowing America away with her outstanding talent in
makeup. Not only is she a beauty artist, but a wildly creative and talented abstract/character Makeup Artist. She has worked with celebrity judges -Kandee Johnson, Mario Denovanovic, Lavern Cox, Zanna Rassi and Micheal Costello.
However, it doesn't stop there! She has been featured in the worlds biggest blogs such as Cosmopolitan, ELLE USA, Harpers Bazaar and has appeared multiple times as a feature on the 3rd largest social media platform in the world, Snapchat, showcasing her work. Additionally, Vic was chosen to work with E! Networks on "Kim Kardashian & Glam Masters" beauty segments airing live on E!



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