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What is it like to be an Influencer Project Manager and a key team member within our Celebrity &A�Influencer division at DULCEDO?A�

You will manageA�collaborations between some of the best brands & influencers within fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry. You will gain in depth knowledge of our network of digital influencers , content creators as well as celebrities. With this knowledge, you will oversee the optimal matchmaking between our influencers and the brands we work with. You will alsoA�manage the projectsA�throughout the collaboration, from booking, to briefing and execution and followups.

You will take part in multidisciplinaryA�pitch meetings and create brainstorms to create in-bound and out-bound opportunities for a selection of content creators and influencers. With our creative department you will oversee and manage the production aspect of some of the projects from content productions to events, online content creation to photoshoots, you will manageA�a very diverse range of activities.

In addition, you are responsible for maintaining the strong relations with our current influencer netwerk, and for expanding the network by recruitingA�new upcoming talent.

In this position you will be able to work on projects with some of the leading brands & digital influencers worldwide. It is the perfect opportunity to take a deep dive into the new and fast-growing field of influencer marketing.


  • Create opportunities for our influencer board with our current portfolio of clients.
  • Business development with local, national and international brands.
  • Handle inbound request for a selection of high caliber influencers.
  • Taking part in pitch meeting sessions, to create the most effective & creative campaigns.
  • Managing the Influencer throughout ongoing collaborations, from booking to briefing, and from execution to reporting
  • Oversee influencer activities related to our campaigns, including photoshoots, video productions, online content creation and events.
  • Relationship management with our current influencer roster
  • Recruitment of A�new upcoming talents for the division.


  • A minimum of 1-3 years working experience inA�a marketing or PRA�agency
  • Knowledge inA�managing influencers campaigns or digital projects.
  • Excellent people skills, a talent for building strong relations
  • A structured way of working;A�competencies inA�planning and organization & attention to detail
  • Social media savy
  • A strong personality who is able to work autonomously and within teams
  • Experience in communicatingA�directly with clients
  • Fluent in English language
  • Develop opportunities in scale of Brand endorsement deals for the roster ofA�influencers.
  • Participate in negotiation process with the business development team and the client to protect the interest of the talents.
  • Ideation and execution of media partnership activities
  • Administer the highest level of quality control
  • Produce assets for the local media and coordinate with international press events.
  • Content Creation

Want to know more about our culture? read our manifesto:


Looking for the cool kids? Theya��re with us. Dulcedo Management represents those special individuals. The ones who have that X factor, that special spark that differentiates a�?gooda�? from a�?amazinga�?.

Right from the start, Dulcedo has encouraged out-of-the-box thinking by embracing innovative initiatives. Always one click away from an opportunity, we used Facebook as our initial mean to hunt for individuals with model potential. Scrolling through friends of friends, we found bright pretty faces with something much more valuable: personalities. In the blink of an eye, we started signing soon-to-be-models.

Over time, we transformed into something bigger. We took on makeup extraordinaires, top-pick influencers, major sports figures and many more. Wea��re basically a big friendly family with highly curated members.

As you can see, diversity is our thing: from a weird haircut to bold styling, we believe beauty and creativity is found in the unexpected. Thata��s also why we fly high on finding emerging talents. They love shaking things up through a fresh perspective a�� just like we do.

We fuel on change, but our success is constant. Agencies do their thing, we dare to do things differently. Wea��re the mostest of everything.


Celebrity & Influencer Division

The power of these online sensations resides in a meaningful relationship cultivated with thousands of loyal fans. Whether theya��re sports figures, like Marc Fitt or the Dufour-Lapointe sisters, or culture icons, like Zombie Boy, they nurture a covetable bond with their audience. Dulcedoa��s role is to create long-term relationships between brands and those individuals in order to generate mutually beneficial and profitable opportunities.


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