7 Jul

This internship position is available at both our offices in Montreal and Toronto.A�Please submit your CV to milad@dulcedo.com

Office Angel Guardian.

OurA�administrative departmentA�is looking for a KICK-ASS summer intern to keep this creative chaos all together. As a leading talent agency , we are looking for a TEAM PLAYER with a POSITIVE attitude whoa��s not afraid of doing the impossible to make it happen! You are resourceful , street smart & dona��t mind helping with Spray Painting Job ( we have this thing to turn everything #FromStaplesToGold )

We LOVE people.A�

Youa��ll need to make them drink our Kool-Aid.

We manage expectations, ego & disapointment.

We are honest and straight-forward .




  • You cannot be Grumpy in the morning.
  • Youa��ll be the first contact when the door opens in the office. You have to welcome the models, applicants & clients with a smile.
  • Youa��ll put your magic touch to make every meeting memorable
  • Youa��ll be in charge of the PRINT SHOP a�� Scan & print the images & order the compcards. Youa��ll need to get the material print on time for the Modela��s casting because they are ALWAYS last minute and this industry is going fast fast fast . You gonna make sure every models have everything they need (even the things they dona��t know they need!)
  • Everyday is different : You might go run errands to Staples, order flowers for a Birthday , send Champagne Bottles overseas , HandwriteA�A�thank you cards , pick the Songza playlist a��.
  • As the official representative of the Dulcedo brand during the applicant process, you will guide every applicant entering our office through each step of the way
  • A�Youa��ll prepare a keynote for the Agents to Vote for the applicants
  • Youa��ll be the one bringing the GOOD ( but also the bad ) news to the applicants. Youa��ll need to be very graceful
  • Youa��ll have one post to write on our blog every week about our Highlights .


Youa��ll do things that you havena��t learned at school . Youa��ll gain strong business relationships with top key people in the Fashion & Advertising industry.


NOTE :A�Ita��s not a glamourous industry . You gonna get ALL our respect if you are able to do this job in heels. But leta��s be honest- we all collect sneakersA�here.

Please submit your CV to milad@dulcedo.com


DULCEDO is a full-service talent management agency with divisions including models, artists and social media stars. Currently representing over 400 talents worldwide with offices in Montreal and Toronto, we have redefined the traditional talent agency.

Dulcedo Management represents those special individuals. The ones who have that X factor, that special spark that differentiates a�?gooda�? from a�?amazinga�?. Right from the start, Dulcedo has encouraged out-of-the-box thinking by embracing innovative initiatives. Always one click away from an opportunity, we used Facebook as our initial mean to hunt for individuals with model potential. Scrolling through friends of friends, we found bright pretty faces with something much more valuable: personalities. In the blink of an eye, we started signing soon-to-be-models.

Want to know more about our culture? read our manifesto:

  • a��WE LOVE PEOPLE: You inspire us, drive us and are at the very core of usa��. Wea��re all about developing relationships.
  • WE BELIEVE IN THE YOUNG: Wea��re a dedicated young group of professionals; industry trailblazers that have developed a great sense of humour and resilience during our quest to fulfill our dreams. So we believe in fresh & new faces, we relate toA�YourA�A�aspirations, understandA�yourA�school schedules, helpA�youA�with time management, and teachA�youA�on proper party etiquette (yes there is such a thing). Ita��s no wonder why parents love us. Wea��re the type you bring home to mom and dad.


  • WEa��RE RELEVANT: We use social platforms and apps intelligently to help you grow your portfolio and model profile. We work with the coolest photographers and videographers to help create your image. Creative pola sessions are our favourite. #DulcedoModela��


  • a��WEa��RE RESPECTFUL: We respect you, the person. Beauty comes in many forms, shapes, A�and sizesa��. Yea, we get it and wona��t define you by your dimensions. Thata��s just plain rude!


  • WEa��RE ALL a�?BOUT THE CURVES:a��A�a��Sure, androgynous body types have their charm especially on the catwalk. A feminine figure however, surely a��fires up the cat walk.


  • a��WEa��RE MORE THAN JUST LOOKS: We look for personality, charisma, and that x factor. Manners will get you far. Remember, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.a��


  • a��WE DIG YOUR WEIRD: You may have been picked on as a kid for a feature of yours that makes you stand out from the crowd. Well bring it on; it just might make you model material. And as for those other kids, eat your heart out!a��A�a��Confident people dona��t seek perfection. And we, at Dulcedo, love confidence and the unconventional looks that come along with it.a��


  • WEa��RE MONTREALERS: Wea��re the epitome of multiculturalism. We like to travel, discover, and make friends. a��a��Jarrod Scott was scouted on a beach in Bali; a skype meeting later, he joined the Dulcedo family. Wea��ve got eyes everywhere. Thata��s just how we roll.


  • a��WEa��RE PRO HEALTH: A well-balanced lifestyle, smart eating, and exercise keep your attitude in check and you on track.a��A�a��It all comes down to good energy within and without.a��


  • WEa��RE A TEAM: The responsibility is shared a�� 50/50 agency/model.We keep an honest and open communication. We dona��t do snarky or jerky. The only bitch allowed in the office is our 7 year old pomeranian. And know that, wea��re here to celebrate your successes with you and support you during harder times. Wea��re happy when you land a great gig, and help you shake it off if you dona��t.


  • a��WEa��RE IN THE SKIN OF THINGS:A�We keep close to all of our industry friends and partners, you included. If therea��s an industry happening in the city, we show up (thata��s if wea��re not the ones putting it on). Models, artists, and clients,A�a��are everything to us. This becomes obvious at our office party; the love and happiness is just an outpour. The music is pretty fab and fun as well. Stay tuneda��you might make the guest list!


  • WE KEEP IN TOUCH: Like the saying goes a�?A gem is not polished without frictiona�?. You will receive regular feedback and guidance. Youa��ll meet with us in the office for roundups and next steps; or to simply catch up over coffee or drinks. We want you to shine as much as you do.


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